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Dear Tom Livizos Real Estate,

We would just like to express our appreciation for your expert service in the sale of our home within The Hunt at Louviers. Through your Three Percent Program, we were able to save almost $15,000 over the usual fee quoted by the real estate competitors. Additionally, your considerable experience in the real estate profession also helped to ensure that we sold our home as quickly as we did (28 days!). I will most definitely recommend your services to anyone who is considering selling their home.

Thanks again for your support, dedication and professionalism.

Anthony and Donna Colgain

- Anthony and Donna Colgain

To whom it may concern: I would like to enthusiastically recommend Sophia Livizos' services as a real estate agent. Mrs. Livizos was the agent involved in the sale of my house in Maryland. From the start I could see she was a skilled professional who knows the real estate business and has excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with buyers and other agents. When problems arise she persists in getting them solved without procrastination. She is a problem solver. She has enormous energy and determination. Her advice is sound. She is invaluable to anyone wishing to sell their house. Even before the house goes on the market she advised me of ways to make the house more marketable and the things I should do in preparation, like securing an assessment of the house's worth on the current market. I recommend her without reservations of any kind. Sincerely, Marvin Zuckerman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

- Marvin Zuckerman Ph.D

Jim & I would like very much to Thank You for the outstanding way in which you handled the selling of our home at 3801 Katherine Ave, Wilmington DE 19808. We are still amazed at the professionalism and speed in which you handled the marketing. We had the house with two other real estate agencies before we were fortunate enough to find you. You did not waste any time, and got right to the job of selling the house. You did the research, got the information we needed to our home in Georgia, and put the house on the market and in a matter of days the house was sold. I know you have been in the business for several years and some things are second nature to you, but to us it was all new and if we hadn't got in touch with you we would still be waiting for a buyer. We will certainly be ready to recommend you with the highest esteem as a Real Estate Agent to anyone we come in contact with. We may live in Georgia but we are still in contact with many people in Delaware. Thank you again, and may you and your family have a happy and prosperous New Year. Sincerely, James Boyd Sharon Boyd

- James & Sharon Boyd

It was an absolute delight working with Tom Livizos Real estate, and would feel comfortable enough to recommend my agent Sophia to all my friends in assisting them in selling of their homes. The entire process was simple and stress free for me, and my agents expert knowledge of the area and professionalism, was what I truly believe sold my house in 2 days!!!

Meredith Greenfield

- Meredith Greenfield

We listed our townhouse in Middletown village with Tom Livizos Real Estate with Sophia Livizos I November .We had concerns about finding a buyer because of the time of the year and the fact that there were several other homes in our neighborhood for sale. Sophia quickly put all of those concerns to rest when she found a buyer for our house in just 2 days. Unfortunately that buyer did not qualify, so Sophia got right back to work and found another buyer within a week. We are very happy with Sophia and Tom Livizos Real Estate and would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking a great real estate agent!



Brock & Jill Cain

- Brock & Jill Cain

I felt very at ease in the entire process of selling my house with tom Livizos Real Estate and was very quick and precise in selling my house they were very helpful with all of my questions. I would recommend them to everyone


Thank You

Rob Wood Jr. 

- Rob Wood Jr.

Letter of Appreciation

Tom Livizos Real Estate

My widowed uncle who lived at 351 Single Ave, New Castle, Delaware, passed away unexpectedly in December. When my family and I arrived from out of state, we were totally swamped by the prospect of selling his house and closing out his estate. Having no personal experience with realtors in the New Castle/Wilmington Delaware area, we turned to the yellow pages. The first realtor we called seemed to be too busy to call us back-or to come out to see the house. We really lucked out though with the second realtor we called. Our very first talk with Mrs. Sophia Livizos of your office proved to us we had found the right person to help us out. Mrs. Livizos was energetic, understanding, and anxious to meet with us right away to get the ball rolling. And best of all, she stayed energetic, understanding, and anxious to help throughout the sale and closing of the house.

It turned out the house needed several inspections and fairly substantial electrical and structural repairs among other things. Since we had all returned to our homes out of state, Ms. Livizos went out of her way to schedule in inspectors, construction workers, and others to make sure we could meet an aggressive closing date. Her advice and consul during negotiations and closing was also invaluable. She really knows her business and I'm glad she was on our team.

Everyone at your office was extremely friendly and efficient. Regardless of what time I called or how many pages needed to be faxed to or from us, they kept things running smoothly and are a great tribute to the efficiency of your office.

Please extend my thanks to all for making a normally stressful time much more bearable.


Jeffrey Knieriemen

- Jeffrey Knieriemen

To Whom It May Concern,

Tom Livizos Real Estate has made the experience of selling our home

both easy and profitable. She was always available to answer

questions and offer advice.

After trying unsuccessfuly to sell our property on our own, we

were truly impressed with how quickly we were able to sell with

Sophia's help...actually we sold our house only one week after

listing it !!!!!

We will definitely go to you with any future real estate

purchases, and we recommend the same to our friends and



Marc Jessica Kidwell

- Marc & Jessica Kidwell

Dear Tom Livizos Real Estate,

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for selling my house. It all happened so quickly (in just 2 days) that this is the first chance I've had to really THANK YOU!

I remember I called you on a Thursday night. My friend had told me how you sold his house in only 4 days that week. You came to my house at my convenience and gave me the confidence and assurance that my house would be sold very quickly. I had owned my house with an ex, and was concerned that he may try some underhanded moves that would or could hamper the sale of the house. You not only took care of my interests but his also so he did not feel compelled to stop the sale.

You not only sold my house in 2 days, you got me more than the original asking price!!! And I was not liable for the repairs and/or replacement of my roof!!! I had told you my personal situation, that I could not afford to replace my roof but that I had to sell my house quickly as to resolve the issues with my ex. You listened and acted, the whole time be committed to me as if I were your only client.

As if all of the above weren't enough, you also found me and my family our dream home. I remember you telling me to give you a list of needs and wants for my new home. I gave the usual, how many rooms etc., then I added things that most realtors would have said "GET REAL". You managed to find all of that, in my price range and in only a few weeks. Needless to say, you also coordinated both sales so I wouldn't have to move to temporary housing and put my stuff in storage.

I can not THANK YOU enough for all that you have done for me and my family, but I hope this letter will express how I feel. I have told everyone I know how grateful I am to you, now I need to tell you!

Eternally Grateful, Lisa Paisley

- Lisa Paisley

We listed our house with Tom Livizos real Estate on a Friday. She was very kind and upfront from the beginning. On the next Wednesday we had a contract. She is a super person and also gave us little tips to help us out in the future. I highly recommend Sophia to buy or sell your next house.


Lenard E Brockenbrou


- Lenard E Brockenbrou

Thank you for selling our home so quickly and for all of the work you performed with the purchase of our new home. While living in our townhouse in Riverwalk, we saw a single family home listed on the internet that we were interested in seeing. The house was listed by you and Century 21 Tom Livizos. We immediately knew this was the house we wanted, and you were so kind as to meet us over the weekend at our townhouse to write up the offer. Our offer was accepted, and we listed our townhouse for sale with you.

Within a few days, the townhouse was advertised on several internet websites as well as in the classifieds. We were worried that it would take a while to sell our townhouse since there were others for sale on our street. The house sold within three weeks for more than our asking price! Our neighbors could not believe how quickly the sold sign went up.

Unfortunately, the purchase of our new home didn't go as planned. The attorney handling the settlement overlooked some important information, which had to be cleared up before we could purchase the home. Another attorney had to get involved, and the wait began. Our mortgage approval was about to expire, and the attorneys did not appear to be the least bit concerned. Sophia, thanks to your endless phone calls and follow-ups to the attorneys, we were able to purchase the home before our approval expired. We are grateful for your dedication and hard work with this whole situation. Thank you.


Glenn & Michele Watson

- Glenn & Michele Watson

To Whom It May Concern:

I received back in March a business card from Sophia Livizos. On the back of the card she wrote that she had a buyer for our home. Tom and I decided to call her to set up an appointment. Sophia came to our home and explained everything to us about putting our home on the market and what her obligations were to the contract as well as ours. I found Sophia to be a very pleasant person as well as a go getter.

Sophia did over and above the call of duty. I found Sophia to be a very honest and a reliable reahor. We hied Sophia so much that we decided to make her our dual reahor. I would highly recommend her to sell anyone's home and feel that you would not be disappointed by the job that she would do. Furthermore, she sold a lot of properties in our development as well.

Sophia, our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the extra miles that you took in selling our home.

Respectfully,Charlene Tom Donnelly

- Charlene & Tom Donnelly

Dear Tom Livizos Real Estate

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the service you performed in the sale of my house. I am so grateful for the personal attention you gave to me when I was under so much stress. You sensed it. Your soothing voice and your patience with me, calmed me down. I was able to "trust the process". You were a "blessing" to me and I will never forget you.

Prior to your agency, my house was On the market for over four months with lots of people coining through. No sale. The contract had expired with the other agency and the house we were building was ready. I trusted the process and your agency had a contract within three weeks.

There were times during the negotiation process that I stressed out. But, again, you were there to see me through. I could talk honestly with you about my concerns and you gave honest and professional advice. Your ethics were always honorable. Anyone who has taken the real estate course will know what I am referring to.

Again, thank you and God Bless.

William and Shirley Sturgis

- William and Shirley Sturgis

Thank you for selling our home so quickly! We were very impressed to see the brochures with color pictures of our house only two days after we listed it with you. Within a few days, the townhouse was advertised on several internet websites as well as in the classifieds. We were worried that it would take a while to sell our townhouse since there were others for sale on our street. The house sold within three weeks for more than our asking price! Our neighbors could not believe how quickly the sold sign went up! Thanks Sophia, we will be sure to recommend you to our friends who are looking to sell or buy a house.


Glenn & Michele Watson

- Glenn & Michele Watson

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