Bank Owned/ Short Sale homes

Are you intrested in buying a Bank Owned/ Short Sale home?

Bank owned , REO’s (Real Estate Owned)  or short sale  properties are properties owned by a bank or mortgage holder or current homeowners behind on their mortgage. These properties came from homeowners that fell behind on payments and are going through or have gone through the foreclosure process – but no one successfully bid on them for purchase at the foreclosure auctions.  Banks or mortgage holders aren’t in the business of owning homes, so they turn around and sell them – usually at a great discount – to get the home sold so they can free up more money to lend.

Bank owned homes usually require a little bit of work – mostly just cosmetics like paint and carpet, so there is a great opportunity for you to pick up a stellar deal on a bank owned home below current market value for instant sweat equity.

Fixing and flipping properties within New Castle County has become one of the most popular way to make an easy profit off of the Real Estate investor game today.  Virtually ANYONE can fix and flip a 4 bedroom bank owned home in New Castle County and make money by doing it. That’s right, there is no experience required for flipping a house, but there are certain guidelines you should follow. 

We can give you all the inside tips for your house flipping endeavor.  We will help you with:
     – Finding the right bank owned/ short sale property 
     – Analyzing the home to maximize profit and exit strategies
      – Rehabbing and fixing up the house, we have the right contractors for the right job 
     – and helping you sell the house fast to keep the profits in your pocket!

We will give you the knowledge you need to successfully BUY, FIX, and SELL a bank owned house in no time at all.

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